Sims Freeplay Pool Party Update

If you like playing Sims Freeplay on your mobile device, you’re going to LOVE the Pool Party Update.  This release allows players to perfect their dive and cool off at the “Swim Center.”  There, you’ll find your Sims having an amazing time in the pool with a full featured water slide, a lifeguard, and even a fully functioning diving board.  You can find the swimming center on your town map next to Town Hall.  It’s actually pretty easy to find.  Once at the swimming center just summon a Sim by whistling, and enter the pool area.  Once there, just tap on the pool and select “go swimming”…  If you want to perfect your dive just tap on the diving board and follow the instructions.  Collect 12 medals and you’ll find a variety of boards you can buy for your own pool…  If you need a swimming suit, be sure to pick one up before going swimming in the Fashion and Fancy Dress Shop.  Once you reach level 20, you’re even able to build your own pool which I’ve done on the Iphone IOS version.  Once your pool is constructed, you can add your very own water slide and pool side accessories to customize your swimming space.  For more information on this release, check out:  I hope you enjoy this release.  I loved it!


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