Sims Freeplay Livin’ Large Update

We just downloaded the “Livin’ Large” update for Sims Freeplay and have to say that EA has outdone themselves again.  The purpose of this release is to enable your SIMS to live a much wealthier lifestyle, so you’ll see some things that enable them to feel a little more wealthy as they progress through their stages of development.  With this release, you’re able to build huge beachfront properties with pools and very high end appliances and luxuries as well as embark on exciting new careers… like becoming an actor, movie star,  or a real estate agent!  You can change your town’s theme to a fancy “Neo Tokyo” style where all the decorations are reminiscent of Japanese lifestyle and culture.  This release is also packed full of available cheats that will drive your simoleans through the proverbial “roof”…  Drop us a line if you’d like to share any of your cheats for this update.  We can’t wait to hear from you.

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