SIMS Freeplay Holiday (Christmas) Release

The SIMS Freeplay holiday Christmas release has just been delivered for Sims Freeplay.  We really enjoyed this release and found that it includes an updated fishing area where you can design your fishing ensemble, choose fishing poles, a obtain a variety of lures.  You can also obtain fancy new clothes by actually designing and making them yourself in the hobby store.  There, you can make a striped shirt, brown “fisher sim’s” hat as well as many others.  This release also includes updates for physical routines like ballet, kick box karate, bouncing on the stationary trampoline, and cuddling.  With the Christmas update, you’ll also have access to to a variety of candy cains, the ability to create a variety of snow men, and you can actually dress your sims up as Santa Clause or really cute elves to stay in the Christmas spirit.  All in all, we thought this new release was a fantastic addition to the free play version of SIMS and give very high praise to its designers.  Keep up the great work EA!

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