The Sims Freeplay for Android phones is made from the makers of The Sims 3 series of top selling mobile games. Android phones users can play the game for free with the Android app. It is a high quality game that takes more than 350MB to download. The game was released for the Android worldwide on February 15th, 2012. Iron Monkey is the developer and Electronic Arts is the games’ publisher. It is a single player, life simulation game. This game is the only Android game that requires an internet connection.

In the newest version that was released on April 6th, 2012, you can get married and have as many kids as you want. You can also experience lots of Easter themed items. You can now kick any Sim out of their house and out of the game as well. If you change your mind, you can cancel any Sims action.

Users can make up to 16 customized Sims characters from top to bottom. From there you can create dream home, plant gardens, bake a cake and take care of pets. If you do not want to make a dream home, you can get one that is already furnished. Your Sims characters can even have careers. Your Sims characters have six basic needs: social, hunger, fun, hygiene, energy and bladder. You need to make sure all your Sims’ needs are met. You can turn the game off and your character will still keep doing whatever it is you assigned them to do, such as eating. Once your character has completed the task, you will get notification.

You can earn what are called Simoleons to get access to new items, building and decorations in the game. You also need Simoloens to purchase furniture for your home, pets, cars, homes, businesses and run items. Simoleons are the currency used in the game. You earn this money by doing things such as baking, working or gardening. Also, as you complete goals in the game or your dog digs for treasure, you collect Life Style points which you can use to spend on cool items. You also can purchase Life Style points in the Sims store. Life Style points can be used for finishing construction projects in a hurry.

The Sim Tracker is utilized to take care of all your characters at once. Just tap on their pictures to go see them or tap on the whistle and your characters will come to you. You do need to visit any one of your characters in order to collect any Simoleons or XP. XP are inspiration points that are earned anytime your Sim’s needs are fully met. Your character earns more XP for completing actions.

The Sims Freeplay differs from the regular game in that it uses actual time. Your Sims characters live in real-time. When it is night time in real life, it is night time in the game as well. For instance, in a game such as Sims 2, one hour is actually one minute but in the Sim Freeplay, one hour is really one hour.

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