Sims Freeplay Game: How to Have A SIMS Baby

Once you’re married, your SIMS can now have a baby.  In order to have a baby though, you’ll first need to buy a crib.  Once you have a crib, you can click it a couple of times to have your baby, then you’ll be prompted to customize your new baby.  To care for your new baby, be sure to change its diaper to keep it clean.  This is called taking care of the baby’s hygiene.  You can only have a certain number of babies, based on the level you’ve reached.  If you haven’t reached the appropriate level, you’ll be limited to the number of babies you can have.  Again, be sure you’re married and have bought a crib.  These are your keys to success.

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One Response to Sims Freeplay Game: How to Have A SIMS Baby

  1. judy

    i bought 6 LPs for 2.99 but never got them.

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