SIMS Freeplay Android Download

If you own an Android phone, downloading SIMS Freeplay is very easy.  People come to our site everyday and post comments asking us where they can download the app from.  Rather than respond to all those comments and questions, we’ve decided to just put the link on our site.  Downloading is easy, but may take a little bit of time because the files are so big.  They’re right around 350 megabytes, but if you’re patient this is really a very fun game.  I play it just about daily and can tell you that I’ve changed my priorities to allow time to grow my SIMS.  It really is quite a challenge, but I’m having a blast with it!

Where To Download SIMS FreePlay:

EA has placed this app at google.  Simply click here for your download page:  GOOGLE PLAY.

You have to be logged into your google account to execute the download, so be sure to log in before trying.

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