Sims Free Play – How To Turn Your Baby Into a “Toddler”

If you’re trying to make your baby grow up a little on SIMS Freeplay, you’ll want to make sure you first have enough simoleans.  Next, all you have to do is go into the baby’s room and click on the crib where your baby is at.  Then, you’ll have several options appear.  One of those options is to have a birthday.  If you click on that option, your baby will become a toddler and grow up a bit.  This is all part of the Sims family raising experience.  Freeplay is great way to play SIMS on your handheld and is avaible on both Apple enabled IOS and Android style phones.  If you’re thinking about playing this app on your PC or MAC (instead of your smart phone), be sure to check out AndroidForPC.Com.  This web site will give you step by step instructions for porting the Android operating system to your desktop or laptop computer.

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