Sims Free Play – Get Everything Free

We’ve recently stumbled across a little known secret cheat that enables you to buy everything for free on SIMS Free Play.  Just hit the “shop” button Purple badge and while SIMS is loading, press your ipad or iphone hardware button to where you get out of the game and see the main screen of your device.  Wait about 15 seconds (maybe just a little longer), reload your game and you will see the shop screen still loading.  Once you see the shopping screen still trying to load, hit the red button immediately and then re-enter the game with the purple button… At this point, everything should now be free.  If this works for you, please drop us a comment and let us know if it worked on your device.  This may also work on android-enabled phones, but we haven’t tested yet on this platform.  We’d also like to discover any cheats you may have come across, so please share them by commenting on one of our posts.

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3 Responses to Sims Free Play – Get Everything Free

  1. Farid

    it doesnt work

  2. Adrian

    Does this cheat work on the kindle fire original?!

    • Owner

      Yes, the cheat should work on the Kindle, but we haven’t tested it officially. Please, if you try it let us know.

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