How To Capture Ghosts on SIMS Freeplay

We just reviewed the “Halloween Update” for SIMS Freeplay and thought EA did a great job with their “Super Natural” release of the game.  Capturing ghosts is a little bit of a process, but we’ll take you through it step-by-step.  Once your house is loaded up, just go into “buy” mode, then go to the “feature” tab or purple section of the screen.  From there you will see a series of new Halloween-themed items.  The items that will give your the “ghost” option are in the bottom right corner of each of the Halloween item pictures.  These are pictures of little red ghosts, and picking any one of these items will ultimately allow you to unlock and capture a ghost.  After you purchase the ghost item, place it somewhere in your house.  Once placed, you’ll hear a ghost sound signifying that the ghost is now in your house roaming free and you must capture it!  Next, back out of “buy” mode and look at your item that you just purchased.  Click on your item and then click the “search for ghost option.”  It should be 6 minutes long.  Your Sim should now have a ghost hunting gun in hand.  At the end of the 6 minutes, your Sim will find a ghost icon and attempt to suck it into his/her ghost gun.  You’ll notice that the ghost will then be released and begin running all over the place.  You’ll need to tap the ghost 3 times so it will melt.  Once melted, you’ll receive credit for capturing the ghost.  Do this repeatedly to unlock all levels of ghost captures for “bonus” XP and Life Points.

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