Cheats For SIMS Freeplay

The Sims Freeplay is a simulation game from Electronic Arts. It is made for the Android, iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Luckily, there are cheats and shortcuts that make things easier when you are playing the game.

Farming- For this cheat you need to have a lot with enough plots for everyone in your town. Have you Sims in inspired mode and gather them all together to start the farming process. When they are done, you can easily collect all the items they picked. Then you can start them farming again and before you know it, you will have plenty of crops.

Manipulate time- This can be used if your Sims need to get to work and they are later. You can perform Tai Chi in the park between 7pm and 8pm. Then on your mobile device, set the time back to the beginning of the job and then send your Sim to work as you normally do.

Endless life points or (LP) – You automatically get five life points when you get to a new population milestone. Then delete any item you have in your inventory and go back till you are underneath the milestone award. Press home and end the game while you are in the multi task menu. Then go back into the game and you will notice that it allows you to get an award again. Purchase any item so that you get the award again and you will get another five life points.

Endless money- With all of the life points you have racked up in the last cheat, you can purchase featured items. Purchase a coffin bed for six life points and then sell it for 2,000 life points. Then just keep repeating the process as much as you want.

More life points money- Enter the store when you purchase money and items. As soon as you push the button, exit the game, wait 10 seconds and go back in. Once you are back in the game, you will see that everything in the store is not only free but unlimited as well.

Free Simoleons and LP- Click on the purple button which will bring you to the store in which you can use a credit card to purchase Simoleons and life points. When you see the screen that show “connecting to the server” then press the button that lets you leave the game. Wait 10 seconds and go back into the game. Push the red button to cancel the store’s loading store. Click on the store again and you will see everything is free.

Social- To increase your social skills, you can be funny for 10 seconds which will fill up your social level or you can do a quick phone chat for 10 seconds to 30 seconds.

Fun- The fastest way to fill this skill level is to check the email on your computer which takes between 30 seconds and one minute. You can also watch the news for 3.5 minutes or you can dance with stereo on for 1-3 minutes. These take longer but you can have your other Sims needs increased at the same time.

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