The “Neighbors” Release On Sims Freeplay

We just downloaded the Neighbors release for Sims FreePlay and have to say that we really like the new features.  This new release enables more interaction with your neighbors.  In fact, you can visit other players’ towns to check out their design work and actually socialize with them in this “virtual” new world.  This is a major step forward with this game and the programmers at EA should be given a great big pat on the back for working through this major feat in interactive gaming.  Here’s a quick summary of what you can do with this new release:

  1. View other players’ town
  2. Socialize with other players SIMS
  3. Complete social goals in your neighbors house
  4. Form new relationships with other players
  5. If you don’t like certain players, you can tease and even fight with them
  6. The introduction of over 100 new items for purchase

All in all, the Neighbors release is a stunning success in our opinion and very worthy of the download.  Once you feel your way through it, you’ll begin to find out just how powerful this release really is.  This upgrade is available across all platforms including the IPhone, the IPad, as well as Android-enabled hand-held devices.  This game is seriously much better when you interact with friends.

This update had some initial bugs, but they are just about worked out.  You can download it at the App Store, the Amazon App Store, or Google Play.  The update process is fairly straight forward and we don’t think you’ll have any problem with it.

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